About Company

VCG SIA (”VCG”), which is incorporated in the Republic of Latvia, is a small family-owned company that is ready to help its clients with specialised assistance.

We help those who are interested in Latvia but who have neither the capability nor the time to devote to keeping fully ‘au fait’ with what is happening here or, in some cases, in Estonia and Lithuania as well as in Latvia. VCG can be your local eyes and ears and bring to your attention useful items of information and other news that may otherwise escape your attention.

How we work

  • We meet you and discuss how we can help.
  • We keep formality to a minimum but insist upon an agreement setting out what is expected of us and what we expect of our clients.
  • Reports are issued as and when you want.  These can be written or verbal and will be issued in accordance with a pre-agreed timetable. 

How we charge

  • We charge on an hourly basis unless a retainer fee is agreed. 
  • Fees are negotiated individually with our clients and, as with all aspects of our services, we endeavour only to seek reward where we fulfil what is asked of us. 

We can be contacted as follows:

Cameron G. Greaves
Board Member
+371 2637 7808
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Vineta Greaves
Board Member
+371 2929 4443


country of operation

We operate in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania since 1993. Our goal is to contribute to the development of country's economy by advising local businesses, governmental institutions and foreign investors. slideshow-text