Advisory and representation

Latvia lies in the centre of the Baltic region and provides the perfect geographical position from which to launch your business. In order however to accomplish this successfully you always need local advice. We can help and support you in a number of ways and set out below some of the ways you can work with us.

Fine tuning your strategic approach

Planning your presence

Representing you

We use our local knowledge and experience to suggest how your project might be better served. This can result in many forms of advice varying between how a project may be viewed from a local cultural point of view to the necessary timing of when products may be introduced to the local market having regard to the incidence of local holidays and similar “free” times.

We do not incorporate companies but we do know how this should be done. Do you really need a company or might a branch serve you better? Once more our local experience can ease your decision making process. In addition we have much international experience emanating from many years working in business including working with overseas (i.e. non-Baltic) enterprises.

You are busy and not yet ready to move to the region. However you still need to have someone here upon whom you can rely. We will act as your representative including, where appropriate, assuming the role of a director of your local entity. This is an especially personal service requiring mutual trust on both sides. We are proud to say that our history in this area is one that shows complete harmony with the needs of our clients.

We are here for you – nobody else.

No conflicts, no backhanders, no looking the other way.

Just honest, old-fashioned, confidential, plain-spoken and professional service.

You can always rely on us.


country of operation

We operate in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania since 1993. Our goal is to contribute to the development of country's economy by advising local businesses, governmental institutions and foreign investors. slideshow-text